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Maya Chaimovich

I was born in Israel in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai but grew up in Holon. After my army service, I moved to Kibbutz Zikim, where I married and lived for 23 years. Today, I live in Ramat Gan. I have 3 daughters and 10 grandchildren.


I've worked in different areas of handwork all my life - wood carving, jewelry making, various embroideries and needlepoint, assorted weaving and multiple types of lacework, in particular, bobbin lace.


In 1995 I became acquainted with quilting and I was hooked. In the beginning I worked in traditional quilting but quickly became attracted to the art of the quilt in today's abstract style. In the 4 years that I studied at Shenkar College of Art and Design (1997-2001), I received a lot of encouragement from my teacher and artist, Orna Roglit.


I use as many types of materials as I can in my work - cotton, lace, velvet, various types of silk, synthetic materials of all kinds, etc. Most of the materials I use are from recycled clothes in an assortment of colors. An important part of my design experience is the use of materials from clothes worn by people I don't know. In this way, I give them a life of their own and at the same time design my own creation.


Through the art quilt, which became the focus of my life, I learned to express my feelings and relate my experiences. The art quilt has become a language for me to tell my own personal story - from "Bridal Bouquet" that was inspired by my youngest daughter's wedding to "The Desert" that reflects my husband's love of jeep travel in the desert to "The Rooster" which was inspired by my morning walks in the National Park in Ramat Gan.


A central theme and a group of colors guide me in the creation of a new work. One of my favorite activities is sorting the materials and choosing them amongst a huge selection in preparation for a new work. The creation itself develops through much conflict but gradually evolves into its final form.


My works have been shown in many group exhibitions in Israel and in particular, abroad. Amongst them are roving exhibitions of the IQA (International Quilt Association), exhibitions of HUSKVARNA COMPANY, SAQA and many others. The most important exhibitions I've participated in are Quilt Nihon Japan in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 and Quilt National 2009 in Athens, OH, USA.

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