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21. A Tiny Moment of Happiness .full. w- 36 x h-36.JPG

A Tiny Moment of Happiness
w-36" x h-36"

22. A Tiny Moment of Happiness. detail.JPG


19. And Unto Dust. full. w-15 x h-30.JPG

And Unto Dust
w-15" x h-30"

20. And Unto Dust.  detail.JPG


17. With the Shade.full w-29 x h-38.JPG

With the Shade
w-29" x h-38"

18. with the shade.  detail.JPG


23. curved lines.full. w- 30 x h- 46.JPG

Curved lines
w-30" x h-46"

24. curved lines.detail.JPG


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